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Helpful tips to make your Christmas Tree Shopping experience Jolly!

Plan Ahead

1 / Tape Measurer

Trees look smaller in the field than they do in your house! Bringing a tape measurer can assure you that your tree is the right size for your home.

2 / Hand Saw

We do have some hand saws available for use at the Pre-Cut Pavilion but on busy days you may have to wait until they come back from the field. 

3 / Tarp 

A tarp can help protect the top of your vehicle from scratches or the interior of your vehicle from sap! A tarp is also a helpful thing to put on the ground while you cut the trunk of your tree.

4 / Rope or Strap

A rope or strap is a helpful tool to secure your tree to your vehicle. 

5 / Cold Gear and Boots

Help keep yourself warm while picking out the perfect tree by planning ahead with lots of layers. It's a farm where mud is expected and boots will help keep your feet clean and warm.

6 / Holiday Spirit

You can't find the perfect Christmas Tree without a little Holiday Spirit! 

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