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Rainbow's End 

Our Farm and Story
Raising trees since 1998


In 1994, with an initial purchase of 80 acres, including a home, barn and several outbuildings, our adventure began.  Working, seemingly, here, there and everywhere to save money for equipment and nursery stock, we finally broke ground in 1998 and planted our initial rotation of our most popular trees:  Fraser Fir; Douglas Fir; Concolor Fir; Balsam Fir; Scotch Pine; White Pine; and Colorado Blue Spruce.  

While cultivating the first planting and subsequent plantings as well, I continued to work "off the farm" at Mathisen Tree Farms/Fairplains Nursery.  We also supplemented our income by growing a variety of small fruit, orchard fruit, and vegetables.  In 2000, an alpaca herd was added as a business venture with two of my brothers, and we maintain a small herd today.  As we refined our small business strategy and completed our first profitable harvest in 2006, when we purchased an additional 20 acres, we eventually achieved a self-sufficiency that allowed us to dedicate ourselves full-time to the farm.

Now, our small business has evolved to provide us with the "country-livin'" lifestyle we cherish; and we look forward to a transition of ownership to our daughters and their families in the years to come.


Family Owned Farm






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